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The roller coaster of anxiety: (


This has been a very busy week so far at work. My manager was in the office yesterday and our team was super busy in meetings and I was feeling good all day although feeling the stress/tension from being so busy. The teeth/jaw/ear pain from teeth grinding/clenching was barely there. Then I got home last night and my stomach starting churning and I was a bit light headed and had palpitations again off and on. Slept ok, woke up this morning and found myself immediately "scanning" for how I felt and realized I was actually laying in the bed tensed up.. Got ready for work and the pains and churning stomach started again and driving me nuts all day. My mind is racing and I can't stop thinking about it : (

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Hello lovemybear- I’m very sorry for the roller coaster anxiety you are experiencing right now.

I pray that you will not give up knowing that you will overcome anything that comes your way. I hope you will get the support and help you need. Take care, you are in my prayers. Have a great day! Please keep us posted.

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