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Feeling of dread in stomach especially in the mornings?


I have GAD and PD and was wondering if anyone else experience​d a churning feeling of dread in their stomach in the mornings?

It is a bit like the feeling of being on a rollercoaster and as if you are going to need the toilet.

It is distressing and feels like fear which leaves me feeling troubled and anxious throughout the day.

Thanks for any replies.

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Hello 😊 I do not have that kind of feeling, I have GAD + Depression too, my symptoms or anxiety are worst every morning, I got daily morning attack, feeling lost and wanted to vomit during shower, unable to think well, but after prep. For work or getting up then keeping mgself busy...I turned okay; not so okay but okay. I hope you are okay.

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Thanks for your reply, may I ask if you are on medication and is it helping?

You are doing really well still being able to work, well done and take care.

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Yes! My medication really helped and is helping me. Now is morning in here(ASIAN country) I feel lost again hehe while writing this. BTW, medication really helped and is helping me really really, I gamble myself into medication since I really wanna live mylife into kinda normal again; than have that depression and anxiety 24/7 than I coudn't sleep and eat, suicide was always on my mind during that time, so I did gamble for meds, but I do CBT as well.. but too hard as of now bcoz I am just approaching 2 months with GAD.

Amazing that I am still working right? Hehe I have to work for my medication and CBT. I really wanna stop working and just stay in bed, but my doctor told me I am doing the right thing, like just go to work and do not stay at your room and just like you are loving your anxiety and letting you feel in 24/7 hours.

Hope you feel good and okay. Take care! We can do this!!! 😊


I found I can be like this in the mornings. I found that eating a protein rich dinner later in the evening can help hold sugar levels overnight as when they dip can cause anxiety to flare up when low :)


Wow nice tip. Can you pls tell us more about prop. diet?


No problem :) Also something else to remember is that when we wake our body uses a chemical called Cortisol to help us wake, unfortunately it is also the stress hormone! With can contribute to anxiety 🙄.

I'm not an expert by any means but it make sense!

I'm also cutting back on sugar and caffeine. Which is hard because I love tea and chocolate!



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