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I think I have so many problems

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Where do I start?

I am diagnosed with ADD, and don't use medication.

I feel afraid of everything. Can't but my feet in the window because I feel someone's gonna break it and drag me out. I can't have my closet open, because I feel someone is hiding inside. I can't sleep without lights because I feel like I loose control and someone can choke me or stab me when I don't see.

This is just some of it. Afraid of so much more.

On top of that, I get the thought to cut my ginger off or stab someone when I see a knife/siccor. I don't want to do it ofc, it's just a tought that pops up. This happens atlest 5 times a day. Usually, I can just ignore it, but sometimes I have to hide the object.

I also use so much time researching my symptoms, I get afraid often. I got panic attack 2 times, becauae I said it to my friend and she said 'Go to the doctor tomorrow!", and that was just the last straw before I broke.

What can this be?

Thanks for the help.

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Well you’ve started by coming out with how you feel.

Let’s face it people with Anxiety have a long list of symptoms and intrusive thoughts.

These feeling that pop in your head happen to be a common symptom of anxiety. The big difference is your not acting on them

I think you being afraid to fall asleep without a light on because as you said your afraid someone will come harm you , the same way these thoughts that pop up in your head.

It’s not a bad thing to take meds for anxiety so you can some peace.

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XxXNoScopexXx in reply to Ironj

Okay, thank you so much for the reply. Always thought it was OCD but at the same time not, if that made sence

I thought OCD as well along with anxiety/panic disorder when I read what you wrote. I'm not a doctor but I've done so much research for my own problems that I've seen those symptoms numerous times. You aren't alone for sure! Agora is 100% correct recommending that you see a professional. You will feel so much better taking control of your issues at the very least. Maybe you can talk to a counselor at school to start. There are many resources available that are free.

True, I will be talking to the counselor at school after thr vacation. Thanks for the help

SxSNoScope, I'm sorry you are experiencing so many fearful thoughts. Researching your symptoms on your own are only causing more fear and confusion. Since we aren't doctors or therapists, we cannot diagnose but a psychiatrist can. I feel you need a professional to address all of what you are feeling. It's complex in that it's more than just

panic attacks.

It must be terrifying for you to live in so much fear every day. Please get the help you need. It can be life changing for you. We are here to support and comfort and understand the best we can in what you are going through. You are never alone. You have found a safe place to come to. Please keep us updated. We care :) x

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XxXNoScopexXx in reply to Agora1

Thanks, 30 min in and I already love this community.

I could like go to a therapist or doctor or something, but like, I am at school and don't have money for that kinda stuff. And my parents doesnt understand what I am going trought.

Thanks for the help❤❤

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Agora1 in reply to XxXNoScopexXx

NoScope, who diagnosed you with ADD? The school or a doctor? What you are experiencing doesn't sound like the usual symptoms of ADD. But then again, I'm not a doctor. What happened to you that brought on all these fears and intrusive thoughts?

Where you hurt in any way physically and/or emotionally? I'm sorry that your parents don't understand what you are going through but it still needs to be addressed. We want to keep you SAFE. Are you able to talk with a social worker or nurse or counselor at school who might be able to direct you? If not, a responsible adult (friend or family)

who will take you seriously and help you.

I'm so glad you found this support group. We are just a message away whenever you need to talk to a friend. :) xx

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XxXNoScopexXx in reply to Agora1

Hello, I got diagnosed by a doctor. I have other problems like think 1000 thoughts in a minute, forget things seconds after I've done it and ofcourse cant concentrate when it's something boring, but I know this is my ADD.

I could speak to my school nurse, and I fortnetly have very supportive friends.

But even tho they take it seriously, I get the feeling they think I'm overdramatic and such, idk.

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Agora1 in reply to XxXNoScopexXx

Oh so you do experience ADD symptoms as well. It's nice that you have supportive friends but talking with the nurse may be taken more seriously and get you the help you need. Let us know if you do next week. I'm worried about you. I don't think you are being over dramatic. As ironj said, it's okay to take medication for anxiety or anything else you may be prescribed. First thing first is seeing the nurse or a counselor. Good Luck xx

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XxXNoScopexXx in reply to Agora1

I will, after this vacation. Thanks for your help❤

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Agora1 in reply to XxXNoScopexXx

:) xx

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