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Could I be a highly sensitive person?


I know I can't get an official diagnosis here but I think, along with Anxiety and Autism, I might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). I can often try to please others though not always, I tend to overthink and be a deep thinker, opinions that differ from mine and how people express these opinions can often leave a negative impact on me, and criticism can sometimes be difficult to deal with. If I am, could it be somewhat connected to my Autism? Thanks.

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Labels are never beneficial.

IF you consciously do your best every day, and get through the day being proud of how you acted, and what you have done, you are doing everything right.

If you are intuitive, explore that trait with other like minded people or go to the library and read about HSP's.

The computer is not the place to explore the energy of HSP's because of the electrical component of the screen.

BOOKS will bring you to a good place for this kind of thing.

We all have traits that are beneficial for us. Focus on those that work to bring you closer to your goals and dreams for yourself.

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