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Help is on the way


No wonder there are so many people who struggle with anxiety, PTSD, depression, Bi Polar and on and on. If you just look at what goes on in the world, it would stress out the strongest of people. But thanks be to the Lord God, my peace I leave unto you, not as this world giveth, the peace that surpasses all understanding. In the midst of chaos, trouble, strife, seeming insurmountable odds. It is the peace in knowing that God is bigger than any situation; if you hold onto Him, He will see you through. God’s blessings!

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I used to watch the news every day and found that was an underlying source of my anxiety. Since then I haven’t watched it and I must say it has definitely helped some. The world is such a negative place. Just work on you and and we’ll all be ok. 😊

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Amen, we work out our own soul salvation in accordance with the word.

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