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Arm pain


Hi , I’ve ignored this for quite a while but it’s not going and is now concerning me .. I have left arm ache at the top that radiates into shoulder and neck it also can travel down into my little finger. I’m concerned it’s heart as I do get palpitations!

I will see a gp but at the moment Ive also a horrible cold .. so now health anxiety is really playing games with me . Thanks.

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Sounds to me it’s something a chiropractor or physio could deal with , could be trapped nerve etc :)

I get that but it radiates from my shoulder to my elbow and then runs down the bottom of my arm into my pinky. It's my RA and it tingles and Burns and sometimes makes my arm jump or spasm. Aleve and it should lessen the pain. Good luck and gentle hugs!

After you see your GP, consider Checking out a chiropractor and or a massage therapist.

When I get those symptoms, Its something out in my back.

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