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strange lightheadedness and weird vision


Hi everyone, this is my first time on "Heath unlocked". I Just wanted to see if anyone was experiencing what I have been experiencing. I had my first anxiety attack in April this year. Thought I was having a heart attack, Went to the ER everything checked out fine. Went to go see a GP and said I have anxiety. Over the past few months it seemed to be tapering more anxiety attacks or heart palpitations.. but life has been getting a bit stressful lately and I've been feeling it again.

Through out the day I get like this mild dizziness/lightheaded... and it feels like my vision seems a bit off. The only way I can explain it is like..I feel like I've have a couple cocktails and I feel buzzed..and it feels almost like a static around my head.. its so hard to explain. Could it be generalized anxiety? Again, just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same symptoms. :)

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Yep on the static around the head...also hard to explain how I feel. Also, mine started in March or April as well.

Yes had them all not very pleasant still do but now mainly my legs. Stay positive and try and control your breathing. It does help snd i find ot better to drink water.

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