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Recent Muscle Spasms


Hello all,

I have recently been experiencing constant muscle spasms due to my severe anxiety. Usually they come and go but usually do not bother me while I am trying to sleep. Last night I had all kinds of spasming and feelings of tightness in my arm and shoulder and calf. Im pretty sure it is just the roller coaster of feelings that high anxiety throws in your face to make you think something else bad is wrong with you but wanted to know if any of you suffer from a lot of muscle spasm/twitching? Last night they were all over, left arm, back, legs, and one in the left pectoral that is still spasming this morning. Anyone have any methods to reduce the spasms? Doc prescribed me Valium but I am trying not to take any meds if possible.. Haven’t been doing much exercise, does that help? Thanks

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I advise you to take muscle relaxant along with magnesuim supplements and also try rubbing magnesium oil .

Warm bath or compress.

Valuim aka a benzodiapizene is not easy to taper them off it impacts gaba receptors therefore it will induce dependency so just a warning.

Just wondering if maybe you have fibromyalgia?

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Thanks for that information. No I do not have fibromyalgia, this all started with me about a month ago when my anxiety shot through the roof on me.. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

I get a lot of muscle twitching in my legs especially at night as I suffered from sleep anxiety for about six mths due to insomnia and then worrying about not sleeping..there quiet common and can be caused by lactic acid in the muscle..lots of people get them and don't notice

I have muscle spasms also, sometimes in my foot or my calves. My neck is tight like a drum and has been this way since my father passed 3 years ago. Sometimes exercise helps, sometimes it makes it worse.

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