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Pulled a muscle in my chest?


Hi, has anyone ever experienced pulling a muscle in their chest after they have done a workout?

I started a workout last night and I felt a little uncomfortable pain in my chest but I carried on doing my whole work out, now I am in such uncomfortable pain.

The pain is like just above my left boob but a bit more into the centre. When I am sat still or I am relaxed I don’t have the uncomfortable strain feeling but it’s when I move or when I cough that I get the pain.

I’m starting to worry whether this is more than a pulled muscle, is anyone able to give me some advice please?

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Hi similar thing apart from I wasn’t working out I pulled something or did something near the side of my ribs literally agony to the point I was screaming , I moved funny again and it went , I thought it was seriously something sinister lol!

Hi there. It sounds completely like a pulled muscle. I do a lot of training and weights and stuff and it is easily done. I would try not to think about it too much ( easier said than done as it is painful ) but I mean try and rest it a bit and have confidence it is a pulled muscle and nothing more

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