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help drs don't have a clue


I will be normal and then I feel like im burning from the inside out from my head to mybottom of torso and im so wek I cant hardly stand uo sometimes blured vision light headed any ideas been to DR for 6 months they cant find any thing wrong I cant swallow it burns when it hits my stomache really hurts and now my bowels wont move help, I really need to go to work

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I am not a doctor, and I highly suggest that you try different doctors if your doctor told you nothing is wrong, because clearly something is off. However, I will give you my opinion...

Firstly, what's your stress like? Do you work a stressful job? Do you worry about things a lot? Do you concern yourself more with the wellbeing of others than yourself? Tell me what your eating habits are you drink? Smoke?

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