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Can anyone help me with suggestions of how I can conquer this

In my work I need to be able to do a breif/presentation to a group of around 20 people including managers

I have real panic attacks I stutter and go red in my face and neck it stops me from getting on in life

People say it will go away as you get older but. For me it hasn’t it also affects my confidence

People think you have a bad rash and when they point it out it just gets worse

It makes me feel stupid and why would anyone have confidence in what I say

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You need to be more positive about yourself..your thinking is negative. Confidence in yourself is what you need.

No one cares if your face is red..only you do..get the "So what" attitude! Repeat SO WHAT contently until it sets in. Your not alone with panic and anxiety ..millions of people suffer from this..we are human but tend to want to be perfect in everything about us and what we do..that's not possible we are not perfect! Nothing in life is. Don't be a people pleaser or door Matt.. You have a right to say no. I wish there were clinics for people to attend to help with anxiety.

Talking to others with anxiety helps..we need to learn coping skills..learn to be positive in our thinking..anxiety is caused from fear..fear feeds the anxiety. Which makes one's a viciouse circle..that can be stopped by changing your thinking. We do it to ourselves. There is nothing in our environment to fear..only our own negativity. We are not facing a life threthning event..take a deep breath and relax!

My first suggestion is to allow yourself as much as you can to have some fear about doing the presentation. By resisting the fear you are just making it bigger and more intense so give your self permission to feel it. My guess is that you have made presentations or something similar in the past and you still have a job so it couldn't have been the disaster you are making it out to be. Try putting it into perspective. The other suggestion is to rehearse and practice your presentation ahead of time as much as possible. When you know you are confident with the material and have rehearsed the presentation, it will lessen your anxiety.

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