Do you feel out of place because it seems like wherever you go, whether it be online or in person (especially), no one can relate to you. So, you're just there and become so anxious and want to avoud people in general? I thought anxiety can go away. I didn't think it can become a disposition a few years ago. Is there any way I can fully cope with it? Or, perhaps, get rid of it once and for all?

P.S. I apologize for my spam... I just want to find people to relate with me, really. That makes me feel better about myself.


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  • Yes, even though , your around family members that do or you feel are suppose to love us Get Tired of our behavior, they are helpless themselves cause they have no clue "How" "Why" the way we feel, they get worn out telling us "What we should do" and they sure can't figure out "Why" we don't listen. Although, we are listening We can't change the way I feel the good Lord made us. Medication or Therapist, mental institution May get us through another day, it does not change our inner feelings of how we feel, how we dream of feeling, our expectations we have in ourselfs. The Tramatic Events do not stop and keeps making us weaker by the moment until our physical symptoms takes us over to the point of a no return. Humiliating and embarrassing ourself t even further down to where we are totally alone without any hope and waiting for the Lord to carry us home where we pray Peace is finally within us.

  • Serenity1966, I love your name. It is one of my favorite prayers. I agree in that family and friends get tired of our problem going on and on. They are frustrated as to what to do anymore. Finally you find yourself alone dealing with the helplessness of anxiety. So once again, the answer is in us.

  • I don't have that problem with my family. We interact normally, for I don't see the point in revealing what they can't comprehend.

  • Do you know your underlining reason for anxiety? I don't think it ever goes away fully. Certain triggers will always be there unfortunately, although I think the more understanding you are of it the easier it gets to deal with it

  • No, just most interactions, even with those I am close with, make me feel anxiety.

  • Normal families don't comprehend all the basic information of any disease until it happens to a member than they can either learn all they can or know an illness is present but move on with their own life day by day

  • My family is quite dysfunctional. Probably, if it weren't I would have grown up differently, but, ironically, I wouldn't do that. They don't really care about me like that. They seem to take things in face value. If I seem okay then I am okay. It is quite foolish of them, but I couldn't care less whether they don't support me or not. Actually, I am glad they don't, because that would be affectionate of them, and I couldn't bear with such a distasteful sentiment.

  • Yes, they'll just move on. They never really cared about the 'deeper' issues of their/out siblings. It seems like we don't want to open up with each other that way. I don't care though, honestly.

  • Very wisely put....

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