Overcoming anxiety

Overcoming anxiety

Since last September I have been suffering with horrible anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. I was an absolute mess I couldn't even remember who I was, it was heartbreaking for me that I lost myself so much I couldn't recognise anything I used to be. You get that awful feeling that it will always be like this, but I can tell you now, if you think positive, care for yourself and put yourself first, you will without a doubt beat it, last year I had no job, no friends, no confidence, nothing all because of the state I was in. Now, with patience and understanding, I feel like me again!!! I have a job I love, made great friends, have my own car, and have my family who support me dearly, I very rarely feel any symptoms of anxiety, and if I do, instead of being scared or worried, I laugh and it's gone :) confidence and happiness really makes the world of difference!!!! 

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  • Thats amazing... Congrats!!!

  • That's great news, a happy story. And what an attractive lovely girl you are x

  • Bella-boo,  I am more than happy for you.  No one deserves to live each day in fear.  Having a family that supports you is a big part of the answer.  I wish you well with a new life that's only just begun for you.   Hugs, Agora1

  • So pleased you deserve it. Enjoy the rest of your life in peace and harmony!! Xx

  • Well done X x

  • How did you get through it did you take medications or natural supplements? 

  • I didn't take medication or anything, I just learnt how my body reacted to certain things and anything that scared me and made me anxious, I went and done it, and whilst I was doing it, I told myself everything was going to be okay and I can do anything I wanted, positivity plays a massive part, I focused on myself and no-one else. Each day got better and better until eventually I felt no symptoms at all!!

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