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Clubbed fingers


Does anyone have this. I have been feeling very unwell lately. I thought I had the flu. I have been coughing a lot and feeling exhausting and breathing is really difficult.

I don’t like looking on google for medical diagnosis anymore, it drive my anxiety thru the roof. I went to doctors but didn’t realise the clubbed fingers till yesterday. Is that normal to get when u get sick.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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What did your dr tell you? My allergies have been through the roof lately and I've felt crummy. As far as clubbed fingers I'm not sure honestly!

jennylove12 in reply to Ashleyp

She told me I had bronchitis and the flu as well. I just not getting any better. Matter a fact I’m getting worse. I just hope it’s nothing to much serious. I hope your allergies go away soon. Do you have anything that brings on your allergies.

Best of luck.

Ashleyp in reply to jennylove12

Think of it this way... if your Dr thought it was serious they would sent for further testing. My allergies out of know where spring up, my kids did to then we got a weather alert (we live in louisiana)that allergies will be put the spritz from the fires in California. Blew my mind!!!!

Did you show the doctor your fingers. If not, you may want to, if you are still concerned.

jennylove12, b1b1b1 is right, you should tell your doctor you have clubbed fingers, either make an appointment or tell reception to give him or her the message. It can be a symptom of low blood oxygen which makes sense if you've got the flu or bronchitis but do make sure your doctor knows.

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