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Anxiety Post Pregnancy - Breast feeding safe alternatives to magnesium tablets


I havent posted for while on here but when i first became a member, someone kindky recommended magnesium tablets to me as a supplement to help me with anxiety. Ot worked a treat. During my revent pregnancy i continued to take them, checking with doctor's and midwives alike on multiple occasions that it was fine for me to do so. I had the baby a few days ago - a beautiful little girl - but a pharmacist had advises i should not be taking magnesium whilst breastfeeding and should not have used during pregnancy. Does anyone know of any breast feeding safe alternatives i can take that are effective? Although i am happy in a way i never imagined possible, being a new mum is hard and i want to keep my anxiety in check. Please can you lovely people help?

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I just did a quick google search and saw that lots of doctors actually recommended taking magnesium while nursing. I’d double check with someone else if I was you. You can also check the LactMed app. I take Zoloft which is breastfeeding safe. I’m currently nursing my almost 3 month old.

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