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Worry over periods


This may be a little tmi but this is real life. On Monday I am going to a water park for vacay and I was stressing over having my period for it, my period normally lasts 5 days but I got it 3 days late so I got it today and that means I will have it till Tuesday if it’s on schedual please if there are any tips on how I can make it end early can you plz reply it will be greatly appreciated thank you in advanced

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Sorry I can't help on this one, only to say I can understand your stressing. I hope someone better placed replies to you.


Hello :) I also feel anxious about this so I understand you but sadly I don’t think I can help much. Whenever this happens to me I get so nervous that I end up skipping or somehow getting out of the activity, which I know isn’t a great solution. I don’t know any way to postpone you period. I did hear about this amazing period proof underwear and bathing suits though! I think the company was called Thinx. Hope someone can help you out! Good luck!

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