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Work anxiety

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Has anyone had a bad situation at a job happen which creates horrible anxiety with next job? Ever since I struggled at a previous job and eventually got laid off I lost confidence. Now in a new job and I’m constantly anxious over what I’ll be asked to do or if I’ll be able to do it. Fear of making decisions and fear of looking bad. Even fear of asking for help or explanations assuming if I don’t know something they will think I’m not any good. It’s just so upsetting. My therapist thinks I need to desensitize myself to work because of the trauma at previous job. I just feel like it’s never gonna get better.

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This is not your previous job, what happened before will not happen again. You were chosen to do this job, offered this job, because your employer could see you were the right person to do it. Why question their belief in your capabilities?

Each job is different. No employer expects you to know everything about a new job. You are expected to ask questions, it shows you care about getting things right. You are expected to make mistakes from time to time: it happens to everybody. It's called being human.

Be yourself. Do your best. If that's not enough for them, dismiss them as fools. Your life does not depend on this job. Jobs are like buses, there will be another one along in a moment.

I have a feeling this job is going to go well for you.

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Thx so much for that reply. It means so much. I think I’m putting extra pressure on myself also cause I didn’t do my best at the interview so they decided to have me as a temp and if it works then bring me in permanent.

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