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Ive asked this before but thought id try again and see if I can get any more responses or support. I lost my previous full time job due to anxiety and panic attacks and have been struggling to work full time since. I am struggling to keep up with bills.. I already have had to rent out my place and sell most of my things. Is there any way I can get help for this? I am heart broken that my life has come to this. In 2016 I just don't think it is fair to be treated this way because you suffer from a mental illness... isn't that punishment enough?


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  • In what country do you live?

  • I'm in British Columbia, Canada !!

  • Well I can't help you much then. I'm in the USA.

  • I'm in Canada too. I have a friend who suffers from extreme form of anxiety and after about a year or so of seeing a psychiatrist(and other doctors), he was able to get on ODSP. If you feel like your issue is extreme that's one of your options(they may also decide to give you something for short time until you get better). Are you currently receiving any other financial support? If you work only part time you may be eligible for social assistance but there's a limit how much you can earn before you can be eligible(not sure if rules in BC are the same(i'm in Ontario) so you'll have to research that). With ODSP, there are no guarantees of course and many people get turned down but again if you and your doctor doctor can prove it affects you that much you may be able to get it.

  • Have you looked into getting disability for your anxiety and depression? I don't know much about Canada but maybe disability income can help you, then you can get a job under disability. They're websites/companies that have equal job opportunities for people with disabilities. Some even will help you find a job.

  • I could be wrong but from the information I read anxiety is not considered a " disability " here in bc where I am at least so there wasn't much I could do

  • I will look into it more later. I did a quick search and I found this website -

    Maybe you can find solutions or some useful information on this website.

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