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Feeling anxious

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Hi everyone been a while since I posted as been quite well however over the last couple of weeks my health anxiety has been really heightened. I am experiencing random shooting pains in chest tingling all over but especially left arm so automatically thinking I’m gonna have a heart attack?! Also really tired but haven’t slept well for ages, have a 5 year old who wakes me frequently and I snore apparently so constantly being nudged from hubby. Going abroad ina fortnight just want to feel relaxed and less worried, if ever??!!

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Have you been for a checkup recently? Somtimes just having that reassurance of good test results is so comforting. I understand about the lack of sleep. I snore as well and it makes my hubby constantly wake me up, so I've actually taken to sleeping downstairs on the living room sofa just so I can get a few hours in a row of uniterrupted sleep. I can't wear a CPAP machine because the mask over my face, no matter what type I try, makes my claustrophobia kick in and sends me into direct panic mode. I'm supposed to be going to be fitted for a mouth piece to help, but my insurance won't cover it and I can't just shell out $1500 willy nilly.

Anyway, enough about me. I just wanted you to know that I understand what you're going through and the frustration you feel. Perhaps the pain in your arm is from laying on it at night or even from stress. Either way, as I said, I'd just get it checked out with your doctor and then you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday.

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Hi thanks for your reply to be honest I’m never away from the doctor that’s part of my problem needing constant reassurance! Was there last week for a swelling in armpit and now in antibiotics which have caused thrush! Just not in a good place! The snoring is awful isn’t it so embarrassing! Might try some nasal strips?

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You poor thing. Is it the same arm that's having the shooting pains? I've had an abscess under my arm before and when it was healing after starting the antibiotics, I had the shooting pains and just overall weird feelings in my arm and chest.

Yes! Snoring is the worst, especially when we go on getaways with his family that lives nearby. I always feel like the odd man out because they try to nicely put me in the farthest room to sleep away from everyone and I wind up feeling so lonely for much of the trip. Nasal strips might actually work! I haven't bought any in so long that I'd actually forgotten about them, so thank you for jogging my memory. I've taken to trying to sleep more on my side or my tummy with a pillow behind my back to keep me that way because it seems I snore less when I'm positioned that way. Doesn't always work well, but the dog doesn't seem to mind at least, so there's at least one living creature that doesn't mind giving me a snuggle, lol

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Hi it’s the opposite arm unfortunately the left so that’s what you associate with the heart isn’t it? Hopefully just anxiety and I always get myself in a state before holidays for some reason!!

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Lm92 in reply to L1974

It is, but I'm willing to bet it's stress and anxiety causing it, especially considering you've been well checked out by the doctor. Believe me, i know how that is. One night last year, I was so bad thinking something was wrong with my heart, that I went to 3 different emergency rooms because I was convinced they were missing something. Night is the worst for me with the health anxiety because I can't sleep and have way too much quiet time to feel all these symptoms and then queue up Dr. Google which makes it even worse. I've finally found that knitting and coloring while putting on a comedy show or a boring documentary type show really helps keep my brain occupied and calms me down. Then if I'm still awake at daybreak, I'll make myself a cup of decaf coffee and sit outside and watch the birds until my son wakes up.

I understand about worrying about holidays. I grew up with my parents hating to plan anything ahead of time because they were very superstitious (I grew up in the Southern U.S.) that something would go wrong if they did. It really ingrained in me so to this day, I get major anxiety planning ahead. Not a good thing! I had to go to cognitive behavior therapy to work on getting past it but still have my moments. I envy all these folks who have those easy, breezy personalities that can just so easily seem to go with the flow.

Hi I’ve done Cbt twice and had some medication but off that now. My sister has just got through 8 months of breast cancer treatment so that was my worst bout of anxiety since my mother died 24 years ago. I’ve had so many physical symptoms which I couldn’t believe could be anxiety so this current episode should be expected I guess! Life can be tough


Lots of things can cause chest type tightness / pain. This nearly drove me around the bend last year - I just couldn’t shake it and even after lots of checks it was constantly in the back of my mind that I was going to have a heart attack at any moment so I really feel for you. First thing I’d say is to get checked at your dr - they will prob do an ECG and a blood test just to rule anything out. However, my bet is that this is either anxiety related or muscular and causing anxiety. After testing out lost of things i found out that my problem was to do with my neck (I stooped my head down a lot on my phone and when propping myself up in bed at night my neck was in a bad position). Your neck muscles can cause havolk with your chest and can cause tingly / shooting arm pains. Also, over breathing which is really common with anxiety can also affect your chest muscles as well as holding yourself in tense positions. Maybe try having a look at some of these things to see if it might be one of them. Hope you feel better soon 😊

If someone complains about you snoring and keeps waking you up go sleep in another room. Then they can't complain and you get what's essential - a good night's uninterrupted sleep.

Once your doctor tells you your symptoms aren't organic but anxiety you should be relieved. Anxiety is much less of a threat to your well being and can be dealt with far easier than cancer, heart failure or whatever else we come across on Google.

Too many of us just put up with anxiety and hope it will go away some day. Maybe it will and maybe it won't but why wait? Anxiety is the medical equivalent of fake news. It can make life a living nightmare but it's a phoney, it only exists in our minds and our nervous system.

It's all about fear really. We become fearful about things and our nerves become super sensitive. From then on it doesn't matter what caused the anxiety in the first place the self-generated fear hormones keeps our nerves that way. Cure is hard but simple, give your nerves a break from fear. Don't question the tests and diagnosis saying that physically you're o.k. Instead come to terms with your fear. Reason with yourself, it can't harm your body or mind. Nobody ever had 'anxiety' as the cause on their death certificate. Nobody goes insane because of anxiety, it's a neurosis not a psychosis.

As I always say, just accept the symptoms for the moment. Don't fight them, don't try to avoid them with distractions. Face the anxiety and its symptoms head on. You have to face it and pass through it to reach the peaceful oasis that lies the other side.

If you can truly accept it then you can't fear it, simple as that. Coexist with the discomfort for the time being, feel contempt for it and all the trouble and lost days it's caused you. But once you've successfully replaced fear with acceptance you've got anxiety on the run. Soon your jangled nerves can take a rest and recover.

Nobody is sent problems without the strength to overcome them. Above all we must have faith in ourselves.

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