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Hi, just wondering if anyone takes peppermint tablets (not the oil capsules as I’ve had these before I found they gave me really bad indigestion) and whether they actually help ease your bloating? Going to try see the doctor tomorrow and hoping to discuss with them as my IBS is on another level at the minute. Nothing is agreeing with me and I constantly look 6 months pregnant when I’m not 😭😭

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Hi Charleywall, even though you did not take the oil capsules , there is still oil in peppermint as well as coffee beans. (Decaf or Regular) See what your doctor has to say tomorrow. good luck, hope he gives you an alternate. xx

To be fair I don’t know why they didn’t agree with me as I eat foxes glacier mints all the time (a safety behaviour for my anxiety) and I like chewing gum, polos, soft mints etc. So don’t know why they didn’t agree with me. I don’t drink coffee so wouldn’t know about that. I’ll see what they say. Thank you xx

I love junior mints and York Peppermint Patties as well as candy canes and every time I will feel burning in the upper stomach. I get that same feeling with a cup of Decaf coffee once in a while. Let us know what the doctor suggests. xx

Wow so it’s possible my mints are actually doing more harm than good. I will do thank you xx

Hi Charleywall95, I was just following up on your doctor's visit regarding the bad indigestion you were getting. Anything new on the peppermint tablets? I hope you got some answers and are feeling better. Wishing you well :) xx

Hi, I got given lanzaprazole which does seem to be making a bit of a difference and I tried the peppermint but again I just got really bad heartburn so just gone back to mebeverine and buscopan as I just couldn’t stomach the heartburn. I feel a bit calmer lately I think the higher dosage of the sertraline is finally kicking in. Thank you, hope you’re well too🙂xx

Oh that's always good to hear that you're feeling a little calmer. Takes times in finding the right meds and dosage but so well worth the wait. Enjoy your weekend. :) xx

It certainly is. You too 🙂 xx

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