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Burning sensation on my feet and hands, at times menthol sensation on my body


Hi, I started having this pulsing on my legs like something is crawling inside me and I was very worried about it, after some research, I took Magnesium tablets and it stopped. Now I m having kind of burning sensation on my leg and hands especially the toes and finger tips, and at times menthol sensation on my body, please i am worried,

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I don't know which country you are in but in the Uk we can call 111 and speak to a nurse. There are a lot of things that can cause those type of sensations. Unlikely to be anything much but it is uncomfortable, you haven't experienced it before and it is telling you something. If it is very hot your body might be trying to get rid of heat by doing that, if you are cold it can indicate that, sometimes it can just be something you put in your bath water, a cream or possibly psychological, but that doesn't need the pain is any the less. If you can go to a nurse or A&E or have a help line then I would suggest do it now. Don't be in pain.

Yes I have that same feelings over my body at times. I believe its poor circulation. Don't panic just keep moving it goes away.

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