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Weird feeling in chest


So we drove 8 hours last Thursday to visit family and we heading home now . I have been having really weird feeling in chest /throat . It feels constantly tight and struggle to get breath . I also woke up coughing Sunday morning and throat felt like a constant lump in it . These feelings are making me constantly anxious , more than usual . The pressure feels as if it’s coming from the stomach all the way up . Is this just anxiety or something sinister . My chest and throat is the same now as I’m writing this . Also my hands and wrists have been aching in the joints ??

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Hi There, my chest is feeling a bit like that too this morning, I don't know if I had a particularly stressful dream or something, but it is gradually improving as the day begins. Don't worry too much about it, stress can often manifest in aches and pains, chest tightness and even a lump in that throat. I've been practicing Meditation using the headspace app and stuff on YouTube for about 3 weeks now and what I've found helpful is simply accepting the discomfort and even investigating it with the mind with eyes closed, where precisely are you feeling it? What exactly is the sensation? Trying to resist it or push it away just doesn't seem to work, but you can easily become at peace with it and find it passes before you know it. Hope you feel better soon, have a great day 😁

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