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Don't know whats going on support would be great

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Hi everyone, a lot of the same people comment here but for others I'll explain briefly some things, for 3 years or so i've suffered health anxiety related to anyreusms and tumours etc etc anything health wise. So a month ago i Had CT done, and it was clear and my anxiety completely went. So the new thing thats happened is so odd and I must be so careful to explain as its a delicate situation as its scaring me. Ive had a talk with the therapist and they said it sounds like slope anxiety this new situation which i will now explain.

So basically i have ear problems, very blocked, and cant pop, ears feels full muscle problems up the SCM muscle behind ear. It's if someone shouts or something along those lines or makes a sudden noise itll replay in my ear for a short while and vanish for a bit but this scares me making me thinks its schizophrenia, sounds ridiculous but it makes me worried its this. I feel anxious that its that constantly that, ive never heard voices or anyone elses for that matter only my little conscious that everyone has. as im sleeping I can sort of replay the day and remember what people have said in their voice. Not telling me to do things but conversations I've had in the past sort of imagning it in my head as everyone can. Really want to stress I don't hear random voices coming from outside my head, never heard one saying to tell me to do things or seen random things such as the symptoms are. I genuinely don't know if this is just anxiety and me overthinking it as it comes on when im not doing anything or just thinking too much.

Its just feels like I can hear the voice over and over and its really strange explained it more detail to a therapist and he just said you don't have the symptoms of it at all and it sounds like slope anxiety where it hops from health problem to health problem. I've never in my life thought about schizophrenia till now. What does it sound like to you, I also don't really get good sleep and have been sleep deprived for a long time.

Cheers all, hopefully have explained it in a way that i don't sound like a complete nutter. It's fairly hard to explain.

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You might want to see an ear, nose and throat doctor in order to put your mind at rest.

Hi Ollybolly,

As your therapist said, you do not have schizophrenia. You mentioned you have experienced health anxiety in the past, it is evident that it is reoccurring. How did you manage to get through symptoms prior? You need to continue to do that.

Just to put your mind at ease, I work in the mental health field, and my client's primary diagnosis is schizophrenia. Although autitory hallucinations are common, it certainly did not begin with them replaying conversations in their head. It was quite evident that they were dealing with major issues, as their thoughts were delusional (completely irrational to a logical mind), paranoid, bizzare behaviour, graniose thinking (thinking they were Jesus). Most people diangosed with schizophrenia are the last people to think they have schizophrenia. Usually it's family or close friends that pick up on it.

Thoughts are only thoughts. It's how you deal with these thoughts that will influence how you feel and react to them. Accept these conversations as a normal part of our brain processing our days. Do not allow this to overrule your thoughts and control how you feel.

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That’s helped tons thank you, it’s hard to explain, it happens when I’m very very tired or not doing anything and I’m sort of anxious. Say I watch a film anything, someone could shout and it would replay till it just stops I have no idea why that’s why it make me think it’s schizophrenia... weird but that’s my anxiety I guess making something else up cause the other issue is solved

I haven't exactly heard voices again and again but sometimes I feel as if I have two people controlling my body. I do hear random sounds that no one hears though. Also, people can die from losing sleep. Please do try to get some sleep no matter what.

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