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Happy again 😀


Ok this time last year I wanted to end my life. I had a 5 day panic attack where I didn’t eat or sleep for 5 days I literally was running on adrenaline. I was the most frightened I’d ever been & didn’t see a way back.

I have suffered with anxiety & depression for 20 years & have been on medication for this all this time. BUT........ With a bit of tweaking with my meds & some psychotherapy I’m finally back to my happy place.

I want people to understand to NEVER make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling. Yes I was desperate but the devastation I would have left behind would have been awful & I would not be living my happy life again.

My advice to you all is to embrace the anxious feelings, don’t fight them, they will only last longer. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid of medication if you need it & lastly learn about your condition & get a better insight into what is happening to your body.

I never would have dreamed I’d have come this far this time last year. Don’t ever lose hope because nothing lasts forever, not even the bad stuff. I’ll continue to help others with the knowledge I have gained as this was my comfort zone last year & I’m grateful for everyone who took the time to reassure me & talk to me.

From the bottom of my heart I send you all peace & pray you get to where you want to be. NEVER GIVE UP ❤️xxxxx

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Ffaiers, I can't thank you enough for sharing your success story. You may have just saved someone's life tonight. Hearing from another member makes such an impression on someone who is struggling deeply at the moment. They know you have been in their place. They know you truly understand and care. This is what the forum is all about, sharing our pain but also our successes.

Sending you a big hug and wishing you a continued happy life. You so deserve it. :) xx

Ffaiers in reply to Agora1

I’d also like to thank you & lots of others for reassuring me when I was at my worst. This forum was my saviour! I have actually made a life long friend from here who lives in the USA (I’m in the U.K.) we speak daily through WhatsApp & met on here. My goal is now to get to Houston to watch her get married next September. We have become very close & call each other sister. Her now fiancé did a video when asking her to marry him & asked for me to speak on it along with her family. I was made up 😀

Everything happens for a reason. All the best to you my lovely, you are amazing & kept my sane when I thought I was losing my mind xx

Agora1 in reply to Ffaiers

Ffaiers, that's a beautiful story which confirms the idea that all things happen for a reason. xx

So pleased you’re finally finding your happy place. What a positive message this sends to us all .😊

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