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Dizzy! Could be brain zaps?


I will be sitting at my computer doing stuff like watching videos when suddenly i just get a little bit dizzy. Its so scary! Nothing leads up to it, its just a really random feeling I have. It doesnt feel like im gonna fall over in my chair or anything but it feels like my hear is like out of focus. Its really scary. I have been under a lot of stress in the past 10 days so maybe it is from that? I didnt eat much during that time or really drink much. My brother was home on leave and he is so stress inducing so thats why i didnt eat or drink very much. My mom is the same way so she felt my pain.

But when i feel dizzy its not like a huge intense wave of it. I actually feel a sort of electric shock through my body when it happens. So does this sound like a brain zap to anybody? Any advice and to why i feel like this would be appreciated

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I get dizzy AND i get brain zaps with my anxiety, but I like to call this particular lovely feeling a "head rush". It comes out of nowhere, even when I'm not anxious and usually when I'm sitting and watching TV or on the computer. I don't know why it happens but it tends to happen when I've been stressed. It feels like my head just kind of.. shifts or pulses or something and then a get a really unsettling tingling sensation, almost like butterflies in my stomach but instead it goes through my whole body. It's a bad feeling BUT it's normal with anxiety. I don't usually get hearing problems but I know other people with anxiety who do or they could come from a head cold.

Hi plushie, I agree with "someone" in that I too have gotten what I call a "head rush". It's a scary feeling that doesn't last more than a moment. Happens to me when I am on computer and really absorbed in what I am reading or scrolling. I think it has something to do with my brain not being able to catch up with my eye movement. We're never alone in any of our symptoms. We need to give our eyes a break from time to time by looking away from the screen and looking at something in a distance. Even for a moment or two, it will help relax the eye muscle. xx

I had something similar to this happen to me a few times. Just randomly out of nowhere it felt like I was going to lose consciousness for a few seconds, like a fuzzy feeling in my brain.

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