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I was not aware of it


Hi all, my name is Cosme and I never knew that something like that would happen to me. I had some clinical depression moments in the past years, to be fair enough, two times. Most recently I felt my heat bearing like crazy and an inability to stop thinking and I thought I would die. Gladly I went to my doctors office and she gave me a pill (frontal). Since that day I’ve been trying mediation and going to a psychologist to make it all stop!! This is my history

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Hi CosmeJunior, Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone at any age. Anxiety doesn't discriminate. It is a horrific feeling, but know that it is thought provoked and not physically harmful. Working with a psychologist will help you find methods to calm your anxious thoughts by finding the root of the anxiety. Something usually provokes anxiety to surface. Once that is addressed, the rest is accepting it as not harmful and using therapy and medication for a while until you find the tools that work best for you.

As for myself, I use Meditation and DeepBreathing with the help of YouTube guiding me through these daily respites. I wish you well. You have found a good group of people on this forum who understand and will support you through. Stay Positive. :)

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