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Losing weight

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Is it common to lose weight with anxiety. I’ve lost like 9 pounds since June 18. I barely eat. Maybe once or twice a day and all I drink is water. I’m just wondering is it normal to lose weight with anxiety. I think I’m now suffering for depression bc I have severely health anxiety so I think the worse of everything. It’s affecting my job. I haven’t been to work in 2 weeks. I have no energy. I’m just constant thinking I have a terminal illness and google all day. Losing all this weight in a short period of time scares me and it’d taking doctor forever to run more test. I’ve lost 16 pounds since May 14th. Ugh I’m just so overwhelmed!

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I you barely eat then you will lose weight.

Have you told your doctor about the weight loss?

I wish !! No I’m the opposite , after a panic attack , say couple of hours I get really hungry and I have no idea why . When I’m depressed I get hungry as well ??

Hi jones567 its very common to lose weight when we are anxious.I eat a normal diet when my anxiety is okay.but used to have no appetite when my anxiety was bad as the thought of food would make me feel sick and I lost a lot of weight to.but once your anxiety is sorted out and your feeling calmer you will regain the weight you have lost.so fear not you will feel hungrey again once you sort out the anxiety.why not drink milkshakes or buy some build up drinks from chemist they contain vitamins and will also give you some extra calories.

Yes, I’ve lost a crap ton like I was at 164 and I’m now at 150. So don’t worry you’ll gain it back!

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