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Abdominal cramp


Right once again my mind just taken control last night I had cramp in back of my leg and stomach aswell now round my stomach it is sore and i know it's not my ibs just muscle cramp I think. I just did the sin of all sins and googled it Evan tho physically it's just muscle related but it came up with malicious stuff as in possible hernias and my mind just gone out of control

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Muscular cramps are well established symptoms of anxiety and it has been said that the part of the body most affected by anxiety is the stomach.

So, as they say, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it's most probably a duck - so I think you can be sure this is another example of over sensitised nerves causing muscular tension and suggesting to your highly suggestible mind that it's something-life-threatening-better-check-my will.

Doctor Google has been accused of much malpractice but I always consult it though with a different intention to most. I ignore all the suggestions that there's a remote possibility I have something life-threatening and look for the bit that says: "More often this is usually a symptom of a strained muscle or ligament and will usually clear up in a few weeks without treatment" or some such.


Google loves to give the most life threatening answers to your questions. I like Jeff1943 ignore the most life threatening answers when I really need to find something out. Took a while but I learned to do this. If you are often getting cramps in your legs try eating bananas. The potassium in them help with cramps.

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