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Left elbow pain and cramping in hand

I don't know if it's down to the cold weather but this is driving me mad. It's just started. My left elbow is sore but I also get cramps in that hand too. Has anyone had this before?

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Nope not got your symptoms...keep waking up with pins and needles and leg cramps tho, winter is a coming - more than a bit crappy ;)

take care

sam xx


I have had similar symptoms as you described, which turned out to be a trapped nerve in my elbow. This was released and solved with a minor operation. Suggest as a first step though to go and talk to your GP. There could be lots of other things, arthritis possibly? Tennis elbow? It's always better to talk to an expert i.e. the GP.

Best of luck, Mallet Head


I've strained my forearms lifting heavy weights down the gym and have had pins and needles the next day in my hand plus stiffness.

Possibly just a tendon strain.


I have had the same again as above weights at the gym although it made me wonder is it something serious and worry just relax it alternate hot and cold it will go xx


Could be tennis elbow


Thanks everyone for the posts. It's my elbow which hurts when moving or bending it. I will wait and see if it gets better over the weekend. If not I will see my doctor next week :)


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