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I've seen better days,but i've also seen worse


I've seen my anxiety come and go so have I learned to live with it but postpartum depression and anxiety was never on my list now i had two baddies to deal with, it was bad enough that i had to deal with repeat episodes of my anxiety during my pregnancy days. My biggest fear was my babies health but because of Gods consistency in my life I’m able to deal with every situation I’m faced with Yes it might not be case for everyone but this is what works for me. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on the 12th of March and boy was he big..lol

My baby daddy has been absent throughout the whole pregnancy till to date, this being the reason for my relapse. I thought to myself "wait but this is not about me anymore" I had a baby that needed my love and care. See we will always face hardships in life but it’s how you deal with them. Stress triggers anxiety and well anxiety is known to make stress worse my point is; find ways to deal with your stress/anxiety if you are not sure what exactly? read up on it find hobbies, if you are on a low take that walk/listen to some soothing music. Let’s not allow problems determine how we live our lives.....Your wellbeing is your choice

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maarsh, I admire your way of thinking. It will get you far. Stress/Anxiety serve no purpose but to make us feel worse. Finding ways that work for you are the key. For me, it's daily meditation/deep breathing that put things into prospective as well as I always remember the Serenity Prayer. "Accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the different"

Wishing you some peace and calm in going forward for you and your baby. :) xx

Stay positive

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Thanks Angora....wishing nothing but happiness *hugs&kisses*

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