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changing heart rates.

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I'm a 63 year old woman with no heart problems that I know of. Lately I have been so anxious, don't know why but my heart rate is going from 66 which is normal for me down to 44 for a few minutes then back to normal. I am driving myself crazy reading all of these things online. Has anyone else had their heart rate fluctuate like that? I don't have health insurance so I have to wait till Medicare to get a dr. Lost my 8 years ago because of ACA. I also have palpitations. Been extremely nervous these last few days while this is happening. Anyone out there that has had the same thihg?

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HI, RELAX for a moment.

No matter what it is, you are going to be OKAY and you will handle it.

Any Emergency room in the USA will take you in and take care of you if you feel the need to get reassurance about what is going on with you.

You can be honest and tell them you do not have insurance.

IF you can not afford to pay for your visit, the hospital can write it off as a hardship case OR they will reduce the fee and make a payment plan, as there are a lot of options in the US for these kind of situations.

SO back to your concerns.

You are wise and know your body and your mind.

Make good choices about what is in your best interest physically and emotionally.

You have authority over your body and mind.

Chose what is best for you.

be well.

carsonjames, I agree with Indigojoe. If you live in the USA go to your nearest emergency room and let them know what has been going on. It's not a wise choice to wait 2 years until Medicare kicks in. Why suffer through this anxiety and nervousness? It could very well be the irregular heart beat causing the fluctuation in your heart rate which in turn is causing the nervousness. The ER can do the necessary tests and get you started in feeling better. Keep us updated on your decision. We care about you xx

Yes I had that back in September, had every heart test I could think of, my heart is fine and they listed it as bradycardia, doc said as long as it didn't go any lower and I'm not actually passing out (which I never did anyway) it's fine, they say athletes heart rates are In the 40's, and if yours is 66 normally sounds like u have a healthy heart! Hope this helps, message if u need too! 😁

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