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How are we feeling today?


So far not too bad here, especially for anyone following my posts you know I’ve been an emotional roller coaster lately. I went to the mall and walked around a few times, and it seem to keep me grounded. I’m home now and a little on edge but not that bad. Just hoping that the weird thoughts stay away they haven’t been too bad yet. But I’m a little paranoid. When my anxiety is like this I have a hard time convincing myself it’s just this, and nothing to worry about. Ugh the struggle lol.

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Hi Jmerrick, going to the mall was a good idea. Just being around people and watching life go by can be uplifting. Now that you are at home keep your mind busy with positive things to keep the negative at bay. You know that this is anxiety trying to play with your mind and making you have self doubts about how you are feeling.

Kick anxiety's butt to the curb. It doesn't own you and doesn't deserve your attention.

With that said Jmerrick, enjoy your evening. I have a Cherry Sweet roll waiting for me tonight along with a movie. Life is Good :)

Jmerrick22 in reply to Agora1

You should be a therapist or counselor . Lol

Agora1 in reply to Jmerrick22

:) I don't think so. I like the "hands on" medical part more but since

I can't do that virtually, I'm left to share with all I learned and keep learning through

therapy :)

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