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How to make them understand?

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So i have been having panic and anxiety attacks for the past two or three months. Sometimes i get up in the middle of the night with them( Does anyone else have trouble sleeping too?) And i walk abound or try to breath deep. But the people around me dont understand, I have no control over this nor do i want it. They don't get that sometimes i cant breath sleep or eat. That i'm constantly worried about my health, or something else. They think i want attention or pity but i hate when people see it, I feel weak and antsy. They try to hug me or hold me but i tell them no cuz it only makes it worse. (That might only be for me tho idk) I feel like it is slowly going away but the night are the worse, I cant sleep and my head is starting to hurt all the time and so is my stomach. How can i explain to people that im not trying to do this that i hate it??

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i go through this too. especially at night. people don't understand it if they've never been through it. what you are going through is real just keep talking about it and if you really needed to go see your doc or another professional and talk to them about it.

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I try not talking about it because I honestly don’t know who to turn to. So I just forced myself out of bed and I headed over to the lake front to breath. I also usually get it from nightmares. I hardly ever talk about those too cause the woman I loved acted like it’s all just BS and to go get it taken care of before we get married. She didn’t even offer to be there for me at any of the therapy sessions. Even when I in offered her to come with me, and I got denied. 3 months later I called off the engagement and asked her to leave, she then threatened to kill herself which pissed me off. But that’s another story.

I’m hear for you whenever you wanna vent.

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