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Anyone here with iron deficency? Too many samples taken during blood draw! Nervous!


Hello, I had recently had a random blood test at the hospital testing for alot of different thongs which needed over 9 samples taken during the blood draw. Plus i am on my period which are quite heavy. I wish i had told the phlebotomist i have iron deficency. I felt fine after the blood test.

I am quite left in the dark when it comes to understanding what my numbers are for my iron defeciency for example what my ferritn number is. I have been told before that my haemoglobin is within the normal range but that was in March. I had a blood test three weeks ago which tested for Full Blood Count plus other things like LFT and others and my doctor told me everything was ok but said my red blood cells are smaller than usual which is normally caused by iron deficiency so I have still got anaemia? The doctor that I saw that day didn't really go into detail he just mainly suggested that i take one iron supplement a day but didn't really specify why. I don't know if my haemoglobin was good.

Back to the present, after the blood draw and now with my heavy period I am feeling very tired and felt a slight headache this morning but have just recently taken my iron and i feel better. I am planning to lie down until tomorrow so i can see a doctor and talk through my blood test thoroughly.

I take ferrous fumerate once a day and really want to increase that to two today. I have done it before .

My question is to anyone here is would it be alright if i take another iron supplement later during the day until i see a doctor tomorrow? If my red blood cells are smaller than normal does that not mean my anaemia is quite bad is one supplement a day enough for everything? Has anyone here had alot of samples taken during a blood test as well with iron defeiciency? Any advice or experiences will be so helpful. Thank you!

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I think it's best to follow the dosage as prescribed. If you want more iron daily, besides the one tablet you can eat foods that are rich in iron. Iron tablets can cause constipation so it's best to follow the doctor's orders. Since you have your period and they took alot of blood keep yourself hydrated.

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