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These top techniques have helped me overcome 90% of my fears & anxiety

Hey guys,

First please excuse my bad language and grammar as I just want to help as much as I can :D, If you don't understand anything please don't hesitate to ask me here or pm me and I am glad to help

I just want you to know that yes it seems your anxiety is impossible to overcome, but there is real solutions to solve that, as I am my self-had been in this case 4 months ago and today I have overcome 80-90% of my fears and can control them if they fire again. 4 months ago I was feeling so hard that sometimes I was wishing to die and sometimes I was thinking of suicide, I just did not see any solutions that could take me out of that hell. I was hopeless and with no energy until I change my therapist and start with a new one(I change 3 therapists and the first two was helping me for more than a year but with no good results), I start with my new therapist 4 months ago and I improved a lot. so I want to share with you the same techniques that I use so you can use too, I will put the techniques I use in two headlines and then split them:

1- the first one as you all knows is thoughts(a very good technique to change your thoughts)

2- the second one is working more on your body.

let's start with the first headline- what you have to do is to change your thoughts(with cbt and more) as you have to know that the problem is not you or something wrong with you specifically, it is your brain and how he process your thoughts, as we as the human race have evolved so much in the last century our brain is still somehow a primitive when dealing with our thoughts. when something occurs to you, it is not you (your conscious), who start dealing with that case, it is your unconscious and it starts firing thoughts and feeling so fast that you will not have the opportunity to stop or control it, so for us that have anxiety, our brain start firing instantly the bad thoughts it developed from the past and we did not make the right direction then. so to solve this problem you have to seed your unconscious with the right thoughts which will fire in the social cases, instead of start processing the wrong thoughts. first you have and must keep seeding your brain with this sentences "Whatever the people think about me, is only telling about what they are and it is not tells anything about myself" they are not the ones that can determine what you are and who you are, if they speak about you it is not telling anything about you, in contrast, it is telling more about their subjective and how they think in general. so if someone lets say is thinking that you are weak, it is not that you are weak, it is telling more about them. so you have to practice this sentence every day so it will stick in your brain/unconscious.

The second one is really powerful and I keep telling it to myself whenever I get some fears and still helping me a lot"Like me Like them, No one is better than me" This sentence is working on developing your self-confidence. If you can just look on the other people(I know that even this is hard sometimes to look on people but Let's say you can look while no one is looking at you first) and tell yourself what better they are than me? They are not better, I am just like the other. no one is better than me.(yes it is true, no one is better than you). you have to make it your routine to tell your self that sentence. 7 day a week, 24 hours a day. each day you have to keep telling your self that no one is better than me, I have some problems, yes but it is not me, it is my dumb unconscious that keeps stopping me, yes it is not you, it is your old thoughts that stick in your unconscious


another thing you have to do is eliminate these words from your pockets(I cant do, I dont have the power, I am a loser, I dont worth.....) and instead start telling yourself the good words(I can, I have the power, I worth...), even when you have difficult day, just look at yourself and see that whatever happens in this day you just made it, and be happy with whatever even the small steps that you did(and it will build day by day and each day you will make biggest steps with it) tell yourself that you can, no one is btter than me, I have the power), by eliminating the negative words you will free some stress from you.

The other good techniques that I love is, imagine that inside you there is a baby(and it is also you) as a small baby(like you are the big and inside you there is a small baby) imagine taking that baby on your legs and hug them and keep telling them that "don't worry, I am with you, you are not alone, I will not leave you, I am with you forever" and keep calm him. yeah, this techniques is so good that within a week it will start helping you. just keep speaking with that baby all the day whenever you can and by the time you will start telling that immediately whenever you are anxious and will calm yourself, just keep training on that in the home, in the work or where you are. it will calm you and start telling your unconscious brain that "hey I am not alone, ok? just put that with you ok? don't keep telling me that I am alone, no I have my" bigger me ;)" with me". yes keep telling that and believe me I was just like you telling myself that it will not help and anything will not help but no I can tell you from my experience that it will help 100%.

Another thing I can tell that it is the number one that you have to do is just make a peace with yourself, don't take on yourself whenever you are anxious, just go with it, don't start fighting yourself and blame yourself, it won't work, it will make your case worse. take it as experiment and smile whenever you anxious. when you stop fights yourself then you will start making the changes and the improvements, you cant win the battle between you and your unconscious by fighting it face to face. no, because your thoughts that stick on the unconscious will fire before you feel and also most of your negative thoughts had turned to feeling instead of just thoughts so you cant fight it as some of the thoughts now is within your feelings. just what you have to do is teaching your brain peacefully the real and positive thoughts, by doing that day by day, your brain starts to consider these thoughts as a normal ones and start putting them instead of the negative ones.

other things I suggest to do is stop drink alcohol, coffee, tea and anything that related to alcohol or caffeine as it will make your body worse. I stop all that and I start to drink coffee now sometimes and only a little, as now 90% of my negative thoughts have been eliminated.

also, another good thing to do is a sport, any cardio sport is very good and will make you feel better.

Now we finished about the though, we can now go to the other headline and it is more about our body and how to calm yourself, just read this post I share here 2 months ago: healthunlocked.com/anxietys...

***You have to train and teach your brains these things and go outside of your home, If you practice these things every day you will start seeing results very fast, yes you will not overcome or eliminate 100% of your anxiety in first or second month but you will start to control it and eliminate a lot of fears and start feeling very nice. so please just keep training and add anything positive you read or get from other people to your list and keep teach your brain and do your homework and again remember, don't give a shit about what people thinking about you, yes you heard me, don't give a shit. they are not better than you and not the one that determines who you are. instead of that start improve yourself and focus on developing these skills.

I hope that this was a good post and would help you guys

whish you all the goods

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Hi sam0191, It was an excellent post. Everything you said is true in what we need to follow in order to eliminate high anxiety. You certainly did your homework :) You are right in no matter what we read, we must apply it to ourselves in order to see results. I'm happy for you that you have gotten so far by taking it one step at a time.

Your grammar was flawless and very well written. I thank you for posting a positive response on what we can expect to achieve with a little work on ourselves.

Thank you again and make it a Great Day! :)


Thanks, Also something I did not mention that from this forum I discovered that without doing my homework I would achieve nothing so I would thanks all the people on this forum as well, thank you too for your support ;)

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You are more than welcome sam by all of us. We're here for each other because we want to be. We care xx

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Wow!! Great post Sam. Says it all


Thank you so much Eddyt ;)


Great post. Now if I could only follow though on those points. I will try!!!

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Hey, sorry for the late respond, Yes I know that it is hard to start but just go and start it, keep talking to yourself but never go hard on yourself, even if you feel weak just go with it but keep talking and teaching your unconscious that you can and you are strong and you are the same as the other people, you don't lack anything, be proud of yourself. it just needs training so keep training with it. as I can now control my thoughts but sometimes I get some hard days, like yesterday I get some negative thoghts back in my head without even thinking about it, I feel some stress on my chest but What I did is I dont go hard on myself and never ever tells my self that I am 'weak', I accepted it but in the same time I keep telling myself the same words that I wrote on the post, and today I am a lot better even as I still have a little of negatibve thoughts but I can control and eliminate them. just keep training you brain these words and you will build your confidence by the time. What I do is I keep working on myself all the time, I still have other problems that have been developed from my social anxiety over the years and I now start working on them as with a less anxiety you can then focus on the other problems on yourself, so just beleive on yourself and keep learning ;)


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