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Connecting With The True You

You are not your brain, you are the user of your brain.

You are not your thoughts, you are the one who witnesses the thoughts.

You are not your emotions, you are the one that experiences emotions.

You are not your physical body, you are the one that lives inside the body.

With every breath, allow yourself to create space between the false you, these illusions of "you" and the True You.

Breathe in light and truth...

Breathe out fear and illusion...

Beneath the meandering thoughts, floods of emotion and bodily sensations, is the pure, wise, vibrant and omnipresent You.

May this be the foundation of your existence.

I see you through and through...

Alicia Lynn Diaz at

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Sounds good in theory, but where is responsibility and conscience.

If you have bad or criminal thoughts this sounds like you could proceed without feelings of guilt!


Does a person commit a crime with feelings of guilt otherwise?



Thank you for your reply.

I now find that when I step back from my thoughts and just observe them, I create a space and a kind of responsibility and conscience to what I am thinking and doing.I, therefore, have found that I am less likely, with practice, to get caught up in the negative and irresponsible thoughts of my own mind.

My experience is that I never wanted to harm or act negatively when I manage to get this distance from my thoughts and emotions.

However, I respect your opinion and that you may see it differently. We all have our own experiences.

Best wishes to you,



Could you have inclusive approach?

ie You are your feelings and the witness too and the One behind all of it

You are your body ..and the 'One' inside too

Sounds like recipe for disassociation even if the Divine within is recognised as our 'real' self

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You make a good point, jenny jolly.. there is a fine line between disassociation and practicing detachment. I have not "found" it yet, but yes I am trying to meditate and be aware of my thoughts and not commit so much to them, and I find it really helps me from going down a negative spiral.

You know when your mind gets in a loop and your thinking about the same thing over and over? I find it helpful when this happens to try to just watch my thoughts and not get so invested in them, see them like waves that crash on the sand and disappear.

But each to his own, for sure. If it doesn't work for you than don't do it! We all are just trying to get better and what ever works is awesome.

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I do this and it works

It's just that I am dissociated enough without saying I am not my body

I am my body,on one level, and the Divine too on another as we all are

Why does it have to be mutually exclusive

I want to own my anger and use its power constructively

Although I don't always.

I want the discernment that negativity can provide,

The b.s.awareness

But to discard the harmful effects of it.


I agree, actually. This is deep stuff!! I think you are blowing my mind right now lol.



Agree, this is all I am trying to say, if it works for you use it. If it doesn't forgot it and find another path to get your answers. I came on here as I believe It is all about helping one another move forward, and have tried to openely share my own experiences and successes.However, it seems that some people think I am trying to tell them what to think or do!


Well I found your post tremendously thought-provoking, which is great because I love those kinds of spiritual discussions. It does make some people uncomfortable I know, because there are a lot of spiritual quacks out there and the spiritual path gets a bad rap. But as we both agree, it's for the individual to see what truly resonates with them and we can only speak of our own experiences and what works for us to try to help others.

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Many thanks on your kind comments, and I agree you have to really careful about the spiritual quacks out there. I normally find that they are after your money!

Kind regards.


Tim Freke 'The Mystery Experience'

Well worth reading


Have read Jesus and the Goddess and The Jesus Mysteries.

Must try to read this one.

Best wishes



Inclusive, not either/or


I so agree with this method it is mindulness and the ONLY thing which has got me through the recent worry and pain I had thank you for posting this :) When we realise we are NOT our thoughts or emotions in the space that is formed lies peace :)


I thought the same Pat9

It's something I've been trying to master, that underneath my neg thoughts fears and physical anxious symptoms, there is me and I can step back from these and apart from getting a nice break from them I can look to reason/control them because they're not me, they're just thoughts and bodily sensations. I took the post in this way because it was posted here in anxiety forum, I was afraid I missed the point for a minute lol

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