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New Relationship Anxiety

So, for the past 3 months I’ve been dating a great guy but this new relationship has triggered an anxiety spiral. I’m constantly worried about the “what if’s” and assuming the worst all the time. I don’t want to tell him about this yet because I dont want to overwhelm him or seem needy. But this relationship consumes all of my thoughts and causes me major anxiety. I know it’s nothing he is doing and my own fear but I cant get out of my own head. Any suggestions?

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I so wish I could answer this. I am going through the same myself. Was engaged and with my ex for 5 years then that went south. Was single for a year. Now have a great guy and I get freaked out at times. Like this cant be real, does he really like me. etc,


Sooner you are up front, the more honest and real it will become. He needs to accept you for who you are, delaying that will only waste both your time.


I am dealing with the same thing. The only thing that has helped is me being honest and opening up to him about it. If he’s the right person for you he will be understanding and try to help you through it. Best of luck ❤️


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