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Anybody switched from cymbalta to Effexor? For anxiety?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody here has switched snri? Cymbalta second time around helps, but not as much as before... would it even make sense to switch to a different snri? Ive been on celexa for years until it stopped working...

Just added abilify low dose to stabilize moods, initially it seemed great, but doesn’t seem to do much anymore...

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I switched from Cymbalta to Effexor in 2013 , and it took a little while initially effexor made me very restless , i walked around for a few days not being able to keep still, (also add into that the severe reduction in Benzos too) by 3rd day i started to feel the positive effects of effexor and as my dose was increased from 37.5 to the dose i currently take 150mg in the morning, really has helped with my anxiety, i do still use Diazapam 5mg 3 times daily if needed ( and most days i break them in half so i can only use more if i can not settle, and this helps prolong if needed ) i was down to just 1 and a half tabs daily but lately have had some issues that have meant i needed a bit more , i have also heard taking pregabalin with Effexor helps if your doctor does not prescribe Diazapam/Valium. I with a lot of hard work from self and positive thinking, am no longer a prisoner in my own home and go out daily to walk Dog and Push myself to go into Town even if i do not need anything i also make sure i know a friend is in Town, just by knowing helps me personally , but this has been through a few years of experimenting . I hope my experience has helped you make a decision.

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Thank you Claire, that is very good to hear. The restlessness I can relate to! Ill discuss with my doc this week. Wish you all the best


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