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Hi was at a family dinner last night at a lovely venue, was going really well until I came over all hot and feeling like I needed to rush to the loo ten stood up and fainted. Never in my 43 years has this happened and it’s causing m so much concern. My family called an ambulance who took 4 hours to come! ECG fine, Bp 163/82 so a bit high. I’m on 50mg sertraline but don’t think the episode was down to that. I’m exhausted today worried that it was a seizure? How would the ambulance crew know I hadn’t had one? Anyone know? Gutted that it ruined a great night 😪

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Happy you're alright. Sorry that happened at dinner but medics and first responders are trained to look for signs of something wrong. I imagine if they thought you had a stroke they would take you to the ER. Fainting happens when you have a drop in blood pressure and not enough oxygen to the brain. Maybe you were feeling anxious and not breathing properly due to anxiety? If you suddenly got hot all over it sounds like a panic attack. I have to practice belly breathing most days and if I don't get enough rest I feel off all day. Don't be embarrassed about it, you were with family and they care about you. If someone else fainted you wouldn't think anything negative about that person, right? Best wishes!

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