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Haunting pvcs


Hey all..my anxiety and pvcs have been pretty good throughout winter and now that the warmer weather is back I'm fearing that the pvcs will come back ..I'm really afraid to even leave the states for fear that I might get them and my Cardiologist said I'm good but it's hard to not think your dying when you get them..not thinking about them is easier said then done lol..any other advice or reassurance to help come over this fear?

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You're fearing the PVCs will come back? That's all the invitation they need.

PVCs thrive on fear hormones. Why not stop feeding them?

XxWil_91 in reply to Jeff1943

I agree! Just reading some of these posts and people have it a lot worse then I do I just feed my fear of getting them bad but luckily I haven't ..I get a few every now and then I can't imagine experiencing more..your right though I cannot feed the beast

You've seen a cardiologist which was a good thing to do so you know your PVCs are benign as indeed most of them are.

They're a well known symptom of anxiety, I get them once or twice a year, about one or two missed beats a minute for an hour or so. They're not missed beats of course, the space between two beats becomes shortened.

I don't fear them because I know they're not a problem so I don't flood my nervous system with fear that only encourages and prolongs them.

Don't stress or obsess about them, the best policy is to just accept them. Just accept them.

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