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I was on mirtazapine 10mg for 2 month the weight gain i expierenced was awful! & ive always been very paranoid about my weight, so i asked to change the GP put me on to Citalopram 10mg then 3 weeks later up to 20mg my appetite it well controlled now, but iam exhausted!!!! Ive been on this medication for over 3 months now! And the tiredness just doesnt seem to go away I used to take it in the morning but would end up not being able to go about my daily buisness due to extreme tiredness so changed till night time and cant find changing it any better, I have no motivation what so ever to do anything all i ever want to do is lie in my bed .... What the hell can i do?! My anxiety is completly gone i wake up happy no weight on my shoulders anymore but i cant cope with this tiredness any longer.

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I take 10 a day and use other strategies. It works for me..

Amy96 in reply to DeeM3

What other strageries

DeeM3 in reply to Amy96

I read the Claire Weeks book Hope and Help for your Nerves. That helped a lot. I am very attentive to my muscles and deep breathing so I’m not locking my body up. Warm relaxing baths, essential oils, and desensitizing myself to my fears.

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