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Hi Guys and update i'd really appreciate some advice/input



So i finished my CBT sessions after about 18, and I felt really good; I was given a plan of action after that and sound advice and strategies to cope with anxiety if it were to ever crop up again. which I felt really positive about and that I was moving in a direction that I felt comfortable about.

So lets say this is my recovery, here now; a month after finishing therapy i notice that i get some panic attacks or at least feel anxious at some points. That isn't a problem recovery is a long and arduous road in itself that you will feel like you'll regress etc etc. so i'm not afraid of feeling anxious.

i just feel like therapy and what its done to me makes me feel like, well a bit depressed. Especially that I can feel like being anxious again makes me scared or feel like I'm relapsing.I suffered whole with health anxiety and i just feel old reassurance tendencies cropping back up nowadays. It sucks i know the moments of feeling anxious are more short lived, but sometimes i just don't feel okay because I've suffered with this awful condition, and up until now I have told friends and family that I'm moving in a positive direction; and that if I were to be honest about feeling even slightly negative or anxious again that they might think I'm starting from square one (and so do i)

i don't know about all of you but i seem to reason with sensations and feeling s and thoughts, trying to be rational about all the things i feel and what I've learnt from cbt, but me being rational is also me being, maybe somewhat dismissive about how i truly feel

advice is truly welcomed, id love to get others opinions.

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