Hi I have never posted on here before but could really do with some advise, I've been suffering with anxiety for about a year or so, I get all the symptoms of anxiety going, so my doctor put me in propranolol but I was too scared to take it, until my symptoms got so bad I cut a 40mg tablet into 4 and took a quarter every day so 10mg, anxiety calmed down a little I'd have good days and really bad but was coping, this last 2 weeks have been awful!! Severe symptoms, mood swings have been horrible, tingling everywhere, you name it, so I went to my doctor on Thursday and she proscribed me citalipram 10mg each day, I started on Saturday when all my family were around me because I get scared of taking medication, first day I felt so ill, 2nd day I was managing during the day but did not sleep at all, and today it really took all I had to put that pill in my mouth and take it, my anxiety is 100 times worse than it was I feel so ill, like I'm on some sort of illegal drug, my muscles are so tense I don't even realise I'm tensing until it starts hurting, some please tell me this is going to pass, I don't think I carry on taking it if I feel like this all the time 😭


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  • Hi clare0208 I take lexapro which is a sister drug to celexa. Unfortunately these drugs can make your symptoms worse before they get better but they will get better! Just make sure you take the pill every day and keep in contact with your dr. It can take up to 4-6 weeks for the full effect. Hang in there!

  • Thank you I'm trying! Just want to go back to the way I used to be! Anxiety sucks!! 😀

  • Hey same here omg my anxiety has been so bad mood swings too breathing and weird dream like feeling like I have so much symptoms I take lexapro barely started 6 days ago and well I feel ok now but now I'm getting these scary thoughts but you have to take it one day at a time

  • Thank you I'm going to try and be positive and carry on with it 😬

  • I know exactly what your going through I was driving home from work last Friday on my own and from knowhere I bust into tears and couldn't stop crying no reason for it anxiety is a pain I look at at it as your body allowing the anxiety out for the body and mind to repair itself from any stresses in your life. If you have had this before just say to yourself you came through it once just ride it out. Hope this helps

  • Oh god I wish my body and mind would heal really quickly then lol!! I'm done with feeling like this, but I'm going to ride with it for now thank you 😀

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