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I’ve been to see my doctor today because every day I wake up and I just feel constantly dizzy and my chest feels like it’s got so much pressure on it, this is all the joys of my anxiety playing up (even tho I feel like I’m really enjoying life at the moment) I’ve been proscribed citalopram 10mg to start tomorrow but I am so nervous about taking them, I was given some other medication last year and it made me so bad and I have two children on my own and work to do that Im worried the side effects are going to stop me from doing my day to day things because I don’t have time or have anyone to help me if I can’t look after the kids. How bad are the side effects?

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Hi Gemma, 10mg is a small dose so I wouldn’t worry too much. I took these tablets before, they may make you feel a bit sick till they start to kick in, but no other major side effects. Hugs 🤗 hope you start to feel brighter soon. X

Thank you so much for the reply I have been sat writing and then deleting for ages not knowing if to post I didn’t wanna seem to be over reacting but just to hear that helps so much. Thank you. Here’s to feeling better soon x

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I'm exactly the same I have a little boy and I'm alone and work. The only thing the docs prescribed me is sertraline over and over and I won't take them as they make my ectopic worse... I know alot of people are OK on then tho if u wanted to read up on them instead... See what other meds are out thete x

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Gemma1234567 in reply to Sapgirl

I think I’m just nervous about taking anything with me been on my own. It’s silly I no. I’ve been given them before and ended up having to have an ambulance out because I thort I was gonna die. Thanks for the advise tho xx

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I'm exactly the same honestly iv just had my doc appt there at the hospital as I have pots and he was like have u started ur salt tablets 🙈 but I havnt cus I'm to scared to take them... I took a propranolol once an took my self to hospital cus I thought summit bad was happening x

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Gemma1234567 in reply to Sapgirl

I did the exact same thing when I took propranolol it’s was horrible x

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Hi Gemma how are you feeling now? I hope things become brighter for you soon 🥰 xx

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Hello sorry I’ve not been on here for a while but thank you so much for asking how I am. I didn’t end up taking the tablets I couldn’t bring myself to do it, on a good note tho I’ve started some counselling and I’ve had low iron folic acid and VitaminD so I’ve taken tablets for them hoping they will all balance out soon and I will feel loads better. I am starting to feel better I can still feel the anxiety there but it doesn’t seem to be as much in my face and stopping me from doing things which is a good thing I’m sure x

Hi Gemma. I was on Citalopram for about 10 years and never had any adverse side effects that i can remember. I came off them last year because they stopped working. I'm now on Escitalopram which is working well. The only side effects i've had is a bit of nausea in the morning and headaches but they do go during the morning. As someone said 10mg is a very low dose. Also i know its hard but try not to worry about the one you took last year, some just don't suit for what every reason. Its taken me time to find the right antidepressant but i'm there😃. All the best my friend and take care of yourself x

I’m gonna start them on Thursday when I’m at work so I’m busy all day and not sat waiting for something to happen. Thanks for the positive feed back. Fingers crossed they work xx

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Barbara54 in reply to Simpsons

Hi, I've just been prescribed 20mg daily of citalopram. I'm not sure I even need it right now although I've suffered from depression on a d off all my life. This is my second day on the media a d for now I only felt nauseous, but I'd like to ask you if while you were on citalopram it made you put on weight. It may sound silly but not gaining weight is of uppermost importance to me. As a matter of fact I'm trying to lose a few pounds... Having suffered from eating disorders in my youth, putting on weight would really make me depressed!


Hello sorry I can’t answer that I chickened out completely and didn’t end up taking the medication at all I’m trying to do counselling instead. My other half is on the same tablets tho and he hasn’t put any weight on so hopefully that helps. It’s not silly at all if I don’t feel like I look right then that makes me even worse x

Thanks for your reply. To be honest I don't want to take them either. Just had a conversation with my partner (who initially really wanted me to take them and instigated the whole gp appointment) and he said that I was free to stop taking them if I wanted. I'm not sure what to do. This is my second day and I've got a revision with my gp in 2 weeks, but even if I do take them, what will I tell her if the pills haven't kicked in yet (and apparently it takes longer than 2 weeks).

I'd rather just stick to my counselling sessions.

My partner was on citalopram for a out 7 months before we got together and he didn't put a y weight either, but men have different metabolism

Now you’ve started I would try and carry on if you can because you’ve done the hard bit I think. Well done for starting them and if it was me I’d rather see the doctor little and often to start with just so then your not stewing on things worrying about it for ages at least you can be like oh I’m seeing the gp next week so I can ask her because if it was me I would sit and make it even worse thinking something really bads gonna happen and then end up in A&E. You have complete control over what you do with the tablets so there’s only you that can make that decision. But I’ve not heard of anyone putting weight on from the people that have taken them but then the most of them have been men. X

Thanks for replying to me again, you're a star! And sorry for the many mistakes in my first message: my phone has the habit to write what it wants;-)

You're kind to say that by starting taking the meds I've done the most difficult part. I still feel so uncertain about whether they're right for me at this moment in life. I've never been on meds for depression before so I have no parameter to compare them against anything else. I'm having quite a few of the side effects. I know they'll probably go away but when you're not sure about something to begin with even the smallest side effects bother you, you know what I mean?

As for the weight gain, I've heard of a couple of cases (women) that did put on weight. I'm so confused! I guess I'll spend the whole day considering and evaluating the issue.

What you write about seeing the gp often is very wise. Thanks for that!

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Simpsons in reply to Barbara54

Hi Barbara. Its not silly I feel just the same as you. Putting on weight makes me feel bad about myself. I haven't found that i put on weight, infact if anything i think i lost a few pounds. I did get the nausea but that didn't last long. I also found it suppressed my appetite so i didn't feel hungry. I'm only on 10mg so maybe with your doctors approval you could reduce the dose and increase it if you find it hard to cope with. I do hope it works for you, take care ❤

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Barbara54 in reply to Simpsons

Thank you very much for reassuring me. And for understanding the weight issue. As a matter of fact, last night I didn't feel as hungry as usual, but I tend to be a comfort eater at times so I'm not sure what to expect in the next two weeks or months. Halfing the dosage is a good idea, I think, especially as I'm not even entirely convinced I need antidepressants at this specific time of my life.

I really appreciate you took the time to answer me, and if I remember well from reading all the comments, you were on citalopram for quite a few years, so you really have experience in it.

Thank you Simpsons, I wish you all the best.

I'll definitely post again to write about my own experience with citalopram when I will have taken it for some time.

Take care!

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Simpsons in reply to Barbara54

Please do keep me posted, would be interested to hear how you get on. If you want to message me at anytime feel free to do so. Take care and all the best ❤️

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Barbara54 in reply to Simpsons

Will do.

Thank you so much for your interest and support. I appreciate it a lot!

Really hope all goes well for you🙂xx

Hi Gemma,

I've also just been prescribed these to take (had my 2nd dose this morning) so far the only real side effects I've had are a little bit of nausea, hot flushes, dry throat and a feeling like I've overdone my caffeine intake for the day (which I'm assuming is the stimulant part of the drug) - apparently the side effects won't last for more a few days but will see if that is true.

Best of luck

I chickened out and didn’t take mine yesterday because I was driving a long way and didn’t wanna feel funny, I’m also not gonna take them today because I’m off to see my other half and we only get to see him once a week so don’t wanna feel funny for that. I’m gonna start them tomorrow so hopefully I’m the same as you and don’t feel anything to drastic from them. I can deal with them kinda side effects I just don’t wanna feel out of control. I hope your tablets make you feel better soon xx

Hi Gemma, chickened out isn't probably the right phrase - because you are still planning on taking them so I'd say it was sensible to consider the whole picture, i.e the safety of you needing to drive a long distance as opposed to starting a new drug regime with unknown side effects to you, especially if you have kids in the car with you - so don't feel dispirited by your rational decision to only slightly delay starting to take the tablets. I hope they work for me too (tell you what the hot flushes mean I don't need the heating on as much - silver linings and all that 😀) Im also looking at doing counseling. Not sure where you are in the world but if you're in the UK could always get in contact with your GP and they could refer you to a local counseling service (they offered me medication and counseling)? Talking things through isn't for everyone, it certainly wasn't something I've ever done, I've been a "bury that deep down and ignore it" kinda guy, hence why I am now like I am I guess so I decided it was time to get over that fear and go seek additional help - just something to maybe consider. Take care

That is a better way to look at it for sure. I’ve picked them up today and starting them tomorrow I’m at work so I no I can keep my mind from running wild. I did do counselling for a little while without medication and it was working for me but I don’t think I was getting any better with the anxiety I think I was just enjoying having someone to speak to for an hour a week without the kids running wild and know that they are listening. Maybe I could try it again. I hope you get a positive result with it all and feel back to your self again soon cos it sucks not feeling 100% xxx

I take Buspar and I’m 19, I was on Zoloft before and hated it!! I went to the ER because the symptoms made me 10x worse. But the Buspar has stopped my panic attacks and constant worry for the most part. I started it 6 days ago, and I’ve had 1 panic attack since but before I’d have 1 to 2 panic attacks a day! It was driving me crazy, gave me a stomach ulcer as well. I completely understand the feeling of being scared to take a new medication after a bad experience with a old one, makes you just want to throw the whole doctor away and figure it out on your own haha, but it could be the magically antidote to your anxiety like Buspar has been for me. So just give it a chance.

I am on my third week of taking 10mg Citalopram. For me, it hasn’t been too bad: I have had a bit of a headache and there were a couple of days when my mood seemed worse than before but for me it is manageable with family life and a job.

My sister has also been on Citalopram and it really worked for her but the benefits do not kick in until about week 5. In her words she just woke up one day and everything seemed so much more manageable.

I’m on day #5. 10mg for 3 days then 20mg. I got jittery so the Dr. is dropping it to 5mg for one week then 10mg for one week and see. Hated the feeling and had hot flashes and stomach upset.

What ever happened????

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