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Studying alone in public

I'm in college only taking online courses because my anxiety is too high to be in a classroom. I was doing great, but staying home all day has made me lose all motivation. I've become depressed because my grades are dropping severely yet I can't bring myself to do any work. I know what I need to do is get out of the house.

There's a barnes and noble with a starbucks near my house that I want to go to tomorrow but I'm so nervous.

First of all, I don't have any friends that are in school right now who would have any reason to join me so I'll be alone. I never go places alone, I get breathless and shaky and feel like EVERYONE is watching me.

Also what if someone tries to talk to me while I'm working? It's happened to me at the library before (which is why I'm deciding to try Starbucks instead) and it was horribly uncomfortable being hit on while I'm anxious and also trying to get work done.

Also is it okay to study there even though it's not a library or a designated workplace?? I've seen a few people do it before but do employees get annoyed? Should I order something to drink so I'm not just taking up their space. Agh I'm very nervous but NEED to do this.

Any advice is very appreciated. I know I'm worrying for no reason but I'm still so anxious about it.

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Hi Zoe,

Seems you have a lot going on in your world. The reality is we all do and that won't slow down. I noticed a theme in your post. You're worrying about "what if" a lot. I'm guilty of this as well. Here's what I'm doing to change that. I'm slowing down. Slowing down my eating, thinking and breathing. Most importantly, I challenge you to stop thinking about what can go wrong and focus on the pleasure gained from life. Instead of worrying about grades and what other people think about you, start to visualize passing your tests and classes and becoming more social. Visualize your new way of living and walking across the stage at graduation with your family in the crowd. Every coffee shop I go to has people meeting for work or studying. The employees don't mind at all. Get out there, walk tall with good posture and have a smirk on your face thinking about how the next study session is going to assist you in passing this class.

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Hi Zoe,

What courses are you taking? Are you enjoying them? It can be very boring just reading about a subject and trying to remember facts and figures, but it can also be really interesting if you can get into the subject in depth. Why not find out if there are people with an interest in the subject over and above getting a simple qualification, and try to talk to, or message them about it? This might help bring your work alive, and motivate you. This could be easier to do at home than in a cafe if you want to talk on the phone.


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