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I have been reading up on klonopin and am wondering if any of you guys have been orescribed it to take only as needed aka on the spot of an anxiety attack. I usually refuse medication but I figure why not have a legit back up plan that may or may not fail on me lol maybe it would boost my confidence. Anyway i have been pretty good with my anxiety and especially with facing the highway soon maybe ill attempt to travel further than 30 minutes maybe take a road trip.. that would be very nerve ending to say the least. Maybe ill start with tackling new york city lol I recently purchased the book self help for you nerves and look forward to reading it :D got the last copy at my local barnes and noble haha back on track though if any of you recommend kolonpin or have taken it has it caused you seizures? One of my things about meds is the side effects i hate em and probably number one reason I refuse meds.. something gets fixed while another issue arises from the “fix”

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I was given this and told I could take it every day or as needed. I still haven't taken it because I'm so afraid if side effects.

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Yeah that is gonna be me lol but what I will do is take it when im in a safe environment and jot down all the things I feel ill do a BEFORE and AFTER ill see how long it takes to kick in and the side effects I have and if they are too severe I will never take t again.. i hate side effects lol hate em with a passion!


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