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Weird bump on my leg???

Hi guys so if you look are my past post you can see I’ve been having anxiety about bone cancer. So another reason why I thought I have bone cancer is because about a year ago or so I was running up the stairs at work (I work at a theatre with wide stairs that are fun to run up) and I hit my shin super hard one day. After that I was prone to hitting my shin in the Samen spot on those stairs and now even after a year the bump on my shin is still there and the area is still tender (I just did another show at the theatre (I’m up in lightning at the booth) and when I have to climb a lot of stairs during the day the muscles in my legs get super worked and the spot gets worse in tenderness cause I am inactive usually!) there isn’t no bruise unless you look at it in direct lighting. It’s really weird that after a whole year I still have a slight bump and still pain in my shin. Could that be cancer?! I remember seeing something about a kid who got cancer in his bones and the first sign was the fact he had a pain in his leg! My anxiety is so high about this any reasonings for the bump to still be there would Be great! Thank you!!!

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Make a doctor appointment. That will resolve your concerns.


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