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Point is getting proven, but we'll see if I can move tomorrow

I have a horrible anxiety about activity and heart beating. Well I have decided to pull up the temporary floor we put in the kitchen and put new vinyl wood down. My husband has been doing a lot of overtime and said he was too tired to do it. I have been at it since 1pm and still going strong and he even said my cuts were right on. I am taking it in stride as I have a head cold, Aunt Flo decided today was going to start her visit and I'm starting to ache. If I can do this why can't I exercise without thinking I'm dying? I know this doesn't help on the agoraphobia but it is a step in the right direction. My heart rate when I took my first break was 116 and slowed right down within 3 minutes. I hope to keep this up and if getting over my sudden attacks mean I do projects I guess my husband better keep up the overtime to pay for my home projects, lol. Hope everyone is having a nice and easy night. Take care.

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Good for you Fearoffear. I would love to have my kitchen floor done when you're finished :)

You could pull in some good money being a "handylady"... It is funny how we can do physical things around the house w/o thinking twice about how much we are exerting ourselves. I do that myself when in the mood, there is no stopping me. From shoveling snow to moving furniture and washing down walls, painting, cleaning the garage... with sweat pouring down my face, my face beet red from working hard, there is an exuberance in doing physical activity. A satisfaction as well. When we think about going into a structured exercise, we seem to tune into our heart rate because there is too much time to think while exercising.

I hope you get to relax tonight when you call it a day :) You should sleep well tonight, a real tiredness where it feels good getting into bed and falling asleep. Goodnight xx


Way to go! That’s awesome! Keep up the good work!


Hi I think what your doing is an amazing idea busy mind is an healthy mind. Keep us posted on your projects.



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