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Hi everyone hope today has brought nothing but positiveness your way. Im so sick amd tired of anxiety the way it makes me feel the tiredness everything so i decided to join the gym too many times ive heard how much working out is good for anxiety. However its been a real challenge working out ive been doing aerobics n weight lifting etc like lunges and squats with weights i have a trainer but sometines during these workouts i feel anxious my heart is racing and sometimes flutter i just want to know if this is normal is it becauwe my body is not used to this kinda of workouts should i give it time. What i do is if i feel them i jus take a quick break until i catch my breath then go right back at it. Any suggestions?

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I’m no doctor but it sounds normal to me. Your body is not used to the workout.

I give you lots of credit for getting in there and working out. I wish I could get into a routine workout.

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Thank you for your reply. Its really a mind over matter thing u just got to get out there and do it.


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