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Allowing anxiety to rule my life

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Health anxiety is destroying every part of my life, found two lumps in my lady bits and I’m convinced it’s something serious mainly the big c which is what is the main health anxiety. My life is been destroyed by this constantly paranoia and anxiety

I’ve resisted the urge to run straight to gp as I’ve a hospital appointment Friday morning so can ask then, I’ve also told myself I need to stop checking and obsessing over them

And to stay away from google

I’m ill with this anxiety this constant dread of dying.

I’m sure these lumps are nothing but what if their not I’ve 4 children and I’m just so scared my life is literally ruined I just want to get better

Hoping to hear from some survivors of health anxiety and how you do it?

Also any females had any lumps in lady regions what they could possible be,

About small pea size quite hard little swollen and slightly tender when pressed.

Thanks In advance

Just looking for some positivity just wanna be able to breath again properly

3 Replies

Hi Nevic we have glands that get swollen in and around our lady bits. It could also be a boil or cyst which is nothing to worry about. They can be tender and Sind can be painful but just leave then alone as its very common. Hope that helps X


Thank you anxious for taking time to reply

I’m at hospital in morning so will get them to look xxx

I’m just worrying and I’m sick of it now 💔


Yes, I occasionally get those. Anxious2befree is completely correct in my opinion. I also get these and they usually go away in a few days.


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